04.15.16we got married

Roughly 8 years ago, Casey and Lyuba met and became close friends. That friendship quickly blossomed into romance, and as many of you have witnessed, they have been inseperable ever since.

Eight years later, April 15, 2016, Casey and Lyuba took a drive up to Santa Barbara where the couple eloped and vowed to put up with love eachother for the rest of their lives.

join us forthe celebration

Casey and Lyuba invite you to join them for the celebration of their marriage on May 21, 2016 at South Bay Customs in El Segundo. The evening will consist of appetizers, drinks, made-to-order pizzas, and live music. We hope that you can make it and look forward to seeing you there!

Drop us a note by 05.14say you'll be there

How many guests are you bringing?

Just Me1 Guest2 Guests3 Guests

We're so sad you can't make it. You will be missed.

questions andanswers

  • What's the alcohol situation?

    Don't worry, we will have free drinks! We will be serving beer, wine, and mixed drinks (bring cash for tipping the barteneder).

  • What is the dress code?

    Keep it classy, but creativity and comfort are HIGHLY encouraged.

  • What's for dinner?

    Pizza. The urban oven will be serving pizzas made to order. Appetizers will be served first, followed by pizza. So, get there early!

  • Do you have a registry?

    Yes, it includes your smiling faces and lots of hugs and cheers.

  • I want to bring my friend's sister's cousin twice-removed along with 3 other guests.

    Please keep the guests to one...

  • I have another quetion…

    Please contact us directly or email us here for any other questions/concerns.